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Tetris is an entertaining and compulsive online puzzle game. Click PLAY to play one of the most popular puzzle games ever right now!

In the game, there are seven different types of blocks: I (vertical), J, L, O (square), S, T, and Z. As can be seen, each brick block is composed of four smaller squares. These blocks can be compared to rectangles of various sizes. 

New shapes are created by rotating these basic building blocks by 90, 180, and 270 degrees, respectively. 

The goal of the game is to move the slowly falling bricks into a 20-row by 10-column rectangle (on the screen). You are not permitted to relocate to a location with bricks.  

The goal of the game is for players to place their blocks so that each block completely fills a horizontal line in order to score points and make the line disappear.

You can earn as many points as you can by deleting horizontal blocks. The player must move, spin, and throw the falling Tetris pieces inside the matrix (the playing field). Lines are discarded when they are made completely of blocks and include no spaces. 

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There are two tables here: 

The primary table is made up of 24 rows and 10 columns. The last 4 lines of the screen will not be seen; only the first 20 lines will be shown. When we create a new block to fall, we will roughly construct the top four lines. The player won't be able to see it until it becomes increasingly evident. 

Following the current block, which is depicted in the next table, additional blocks will be added to the screen.

The first set of four blocks will drop from the top of the screen, and after the first group has been moved and rotated to the bottom of the screen, the second group of four blocks will drop. 

If the blocks are piled up on the screen too high, the game is over. 

The game is done when the blocks can no longer fall. 

The first and second lines can be completed by any Tetris piece.It's possible to have three J., L.I am the only Tetris with the ability to remove four lines at once; I am referred to as "Tetris." A maximum of four rows may be deleted at once.

As the lines are cleared, the difficulty of the game increases since the levels increase and Tetris is quicker. If the blocks land at the top of the field, the game is over.