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Wired Chicken Inc

You are in charge of constructing and managing your very own chicken farm in the casual simulation game known as Wired Chicken Inc. You can become the most powerful tycoon by playing today!

You should build or greatly expand coops of diverse types in order to provide housing for your chickens.To in a number of different breeds of chickens in order to accomplish your goal of expanding the breadth of your chicken flock. It is possible to generate income by hatching, growing, and selling chickens, which is a method that is widely used.Collecting things such as feathers, eggs, and other stuff is something you should do while you attempt to improve your coops and extend your farm. Employing people is something you might want to think about doing if you want to boost your productivity and automate your operations. Participate in online competitions where you have the chance to win prizes and the title of being the best chicken farmer in the entire international community through your participation.

The Rules of the Game "Wired Chicken Inc"

Pay attention to the particular breeds of hens in each coop in order to make the most of their productivity. 
It is important to pay attention to the characteristics of your chickens and breed them in order to produce chicks with acceptable combinations.

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