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Screw Puzzle

In the Screw Puzzle games, you can relax your mind by taking apart various fasteners. Conqueror of screw pin mysteries Free screw-and-pin puzzle games, intricately designed strategies, and a variety of screw-and-pin puzzle shapes are just the beginning of the story.

Playing the game

Skillfully remove each bent piece of iron from the complex web of obstacles by skillfully unlocking screws.
As you make your way through the stages, be prepared to face a labyrinth of metal rings, ropes, and plates at every turn.Get into the challenging but incredibly rewarding world of nuts and bolts by releasing the iron components and untangling the rope knots.In certain levels, you'll find metal sculptures constructed from the plates; in others, you'll need to use a handsaw to cut the plates, revealing more holes to fasten your bolts.Take your time moving each bolt to ensure a speedy assembly.

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