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Minesweeper is a single-player computer puzzle game. In the game's "minefield," which consists of squares that may or may not contain "mines," the player must use the numbers that represent the number of adjacent mines to open all the empty squares without detonating the bomb.

The ability to open every undermine on a board without detonating any mines is a need for minesweeping. Since games are judged by how quickly they can be finished, this is another important goal for skilled players.


At the start of the game, players are given a blank square board that acts as a "minefield."

Click on the table square to choose from. If you mistakenly use a mine to strike a box, the game is over (new players frequently do this). If the cell is devoid of mines, on the other hand, a group of cells bearing the numbers will become unlocked. How many mines are present in the eight cells around a square is indicated by the number on that square.

If a player is certain that a cell has mine, they can right-click on a flag image and check the box next to it.

If there are enough mines in a cell's nearby cells but those cells are still empty, the mines are not present there.
The winner of the game is the player who successfully opens all of the boxes.

There are three levels in the game:

  • Simple (for beginners): Layout 10 mines on an 8-by-8-square board (9-by-9 starting with Microsoft Windows XP editions).
  • As a mediator, a 16-by-16-square board is covered with 40 mines.
  • A 99-mine board that is 30 by 16 squares in size presents an expert challenge.

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