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Skibidi Toilet Math Prank

The Skibidi Toilet Math Prank will test your ability to swiftly answer arithmetic questions before the clock runs out. Beware! In the event that you run out of time or make a mistake, Skibidi Toilet will come back to haunt you!

It is now risky to use the restroom since you can end up using the Skibidi toilet instead of the regular one. At best, he will pose a riddle and require you to provide an answer, just like in the game Skibidi Toilet Math Prank. Remember the fundamentals of mathematics and go through the given problem step by step until the meter at the top is resolved, at which point the allotted time will be up. However, additional time will be added to your total if your answer is correct.

At the same time, the quicker you solve the example, the better your chances are of setting a new high score by playing the Skibidi Toilet Math Prank for a very extended period of time and accruing a large number of points.

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