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The game Cubeyflap is a fun game in which players take control of a charming figure and lead it around obstacles by pressing on the screen to make it flap.

In order to accumulate points and make progress through the level, the objective is to avoid obstacles as you move forward. Following the completion of the download and launch of the game, the initial stage of playing the game is to press the screen in order to manipulate the cube's flaps and avoid potential hazards. Tap the screen to direct Cubey through a series of challenges, which will cause him to flap his way past each one. In order to reach the finish line, players must guide Cubey through these challenges. Your ability to think swiftly and plan your actions properly will be put to the test as you progress through the increasingly challenging stages. Arn points are used to unlock additional stages, and you should play to improve upon your previous score.


Touching the screen will cause the cube to flap and will allow you to escape obstacles.  You can make the cube flap and avoid obstacles by tapping on the screen.

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