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With its minimalist approach, Numbers 65536 is an addictive puzzle game. You can extend the time you spend playing the game thanks to a special function.
Playing the game until the finish line is 131072. Experiment with dropping different-numbered blocks on top of each other to grow large numbers. Get rid of that pesky block with a hammer. Simply beating the empty board will prevent hammer action.
After installation, you can begin to merge or tap and drop blocks of numbers (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 512, 1024, 2048, etc.) in order to form groups of two, three, or four.
With regular play, the game's stress-relieving effects become apparent. Indulge in this incredible puzzle game while simultaneously honing your focus and reflexes.

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How to play

Use the screen tap to drop blocks anywhere you like; combine blocks of the same number into a line; as you merge more blocks of the same number, you'll unlock higher-numbered blocks. When the hammer control appears, drop the unwanted blocks.For starters, you can fill the board with random content by clicking the "randomize" button.

Features: effortless and sophisticated layout; easy and smooth operation
Benefits include: no time restrictions; automatic game saving; easy learning and playing.
Enjoy playing without an internet connection thanks to our privacy settings, which will keep all of your gaming data secure.