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Imposters 99

When you play Imposters 99, you discover that you are the target of an army of cloneswhodestroy you. The game challenges you to rise above their level and provides you with a variety of weaponry to help you stand your ground.
In order to survive, you will need to be quicker, stronger, and more intelligent than your opponents. In order to gain access to the escape portal, it is imperative that you eliminate all of the adversaThe addition of pets purchased from the store intensifies the challenge of surviving in this thrilling battle game.

Instructions on how to play

You can use the controls on your keyboard or the touch screen on mobile devices to navigate through the levels and search for weapons that are truly effective. Defeat all of your rivals anThe escape gateway will not materialize until you eliminate all of the adversaries. During your struggle for survival, you should not forget to make use of pets; you may get them from the store that is located within the game.

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