Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a tremendously exciting and engaging game that allows for unlimited flying. A bird once separated from the flock in search of food. Lost without a way to escape the matrix in the computer game Flappy Bird, aid the little bird in getting away from this location.

The bird will start to fly from the pipes across a large area and into a more confined space. Pay great attention since controlling this crazy bird has never been easy!
Fly through the pipes deftly to prevent collisions! You must act very quickly if you want to easily fly through the tubes. Choose the ideal time to fly, then keep scoring!

In a game, the player controls a bird that flies through columns of green pipes without touching them while moving from the left to the right border of the screen.
The goal of the game is to control a bird that is flying through the pipes. If the bird touches the obstacle, the game is over. Every time a bird moves between two pipes, the player is awarded a point. Online Flappy Birds gaming ought to be enjoyable.

How to play

Click the mouse or use the spacebar to make the bird fly.

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