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Egg Farm

Egg Farm is a straightforward yet captivating game where the objective is to gather chicken eggs. Mastering the game requires skill and expertise, as it presents a formidable task.

Engaging in the rapid tapping of chickens is quite enjoyable! Master the skill of tapping to get thrilling opportunities. As your manual dexterity increases and you are able to retrieve a greater number of eggs at a quicker pace, you are poised for exceptional success. An extraordinary sensation of achieving a hole in one! Experience the finest chicken enhancement. As you enhance the capabilities of your avian creatures, the quantity of eggs they produce will experience a significant and rapid increase. Discover the potential for increased productivity in your flock and savor a greater abundance of delectable eggs. Efficiently market these exquisite eggs to maximize their monetary value. Ensure that you do not allow your eggs to be wasted. In order to maximize the productivity of your farm, it is essential to practice frugality. Take your agricultural business to the next level with revolutionary enhancements. Our exceptional enhancements allow you to acquire a greater quantity of eggs and generate a higher income.

Instructions for Playing Egg Farm

Utilize the arrow keys to manipulate the trajectory of your projectile. Depress the space bar in order to increase the force applied to your shot.

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