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Egg Adventure

Egg Adventure is a humorous puzzle game where the objective is to safeguard Mr. Egg from a range of hazards. Is it possible to compel him to move swiftly or rotate his body towards the exit without causing any damage to his protective outer covering?

Egg Adventure: How Do I Play?

Making it to the door without hurting Mr. Egg is your goal. While he can only roll in some stages, you'll have the ability to run in others. He will be safe from numerous threats if you use your brush to draw shapes and lines around him.
For instance, you could draw a barricade to protect yourself against villains armed with toilet plungers. Draw inside the box to make a ridiculous weapon for him, or paint a line to build a bridge.
Gravity will affect the shapes you've drawn as soon as you raise your pen! Take a look at the animation and find out what occurs. You can always attempt something new if the first one doesn't pan out.

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