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Level Devil

Level Devil is an enjoyable and demanding game. The game's objective is to guide the devil to the exit by maneuvering him through a sequence of levels. 

The game consists of fifty stages, each with a unique set of issues distinct from the others. To properly complete all levels, you must utilize your entire skill set, since the stages will progressively become more challenging. Ensure that you remain vigilant in searching for any concealed entrances or pathways that may exist. Utilize your adversaries to assist you in achieving your objectives. If you deem it necessary, you have the liberty to restart the level. To effectively progress through the stages without harming the devil, one must use strategic thinking in the presence of challenging obstacles and formidable adversaries.

Instructions for Playing Level Dev

  • Utilize the arrow keys to manipulate the devil's movement.
  • Steer clear of the barriers and adversaries.
  • To unlock the doors, you must acquire the keys.
  • Attain the exit.

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