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Protect My Dog 3

You must save your puppy from various perils, such as thorns and molten lava, in the very difficult puzzle game Protect My Dog 3.

The steps to take in order to complete Protect My Dog 3

Just as in the previous two wonderful Protect My Dog games, it is your duty to protect your cute puppy from bee attacks. Players must overcome many challenges, like thorns and bees, to advance in the game. The moment you pull the card, bees will start buzzing around, and then the clock will start ticking down. If you want to keep the dog from losing, you have five seconds to avoid hurting it. Although we promise that each successive level will be more difficult, we also promise that it will be more enjoyable. The hands-on function adds an engaging interactive element to the gaming experience. To advance through the game, you must solve increasingly challenging problems at each level.

Impressive Characteristics

Put lines around the dog so the bees can't hurt it.If you want to keep bees away, longer lines work better.You can use money to unlock more characters and power-ups.There is an air of carefree fun that matches the fanciful patterns.

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