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Worm Out: Brain Teaser Games

Worm Out: Brain Teaser Games is a game that is eagerly awaiting your arrival so that you can experience the enjoyment! Participate in an intriguing puzzle game where you must use all your power to save the lives of fruits and vegetables under attack by harmful and destructive bugs.
Utilize your mental capacity to its fullest extent, give careful consideration to each and every action you take, and find solutions to a wide variety of intriguing riddles by eliminating all of the worms and harmful insects before the entire crop is harmed. All the best!

Advice and suggestions

  • To remove the worms from all of the fruits, you can make use of various instruments and even live animals, such as fish.
  • Utilizing the like and dislike buttons, rate the worms as they go through the levels.
  • To acquire new skins or to open surprise chests, you can use the coins that are available in the shop.

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