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Tic Tac Toe

Tic-tac-toe is a well-known board game that is played on a 9-square, 3x3 board. The sign O and the symbol X are used alternately by two players to fill in their symbols in the boxes. The winner is the first player to line up three of their own symbols in a row, either vertically, flat, or diagonally.


Two players can compete against one another in the board game tic-tac-toe. O is chosen by one player, and X by the other. One who arranges three similar letters (or an X or an O) in a line, column, or diagonal pattern first wins.


The first X has to be angled.
Here, the first person to speak to will be the one holding the Xs. Place X in the corner before making your first move. If your opponent doesn't move into the center square, you will win without a doubt! The second X is placed in the center to force your opponent to block you. The third X should then be placed in the box directly next to the first one. You have two moves in this technique, and your opponent can only block one of them.

If the opponent chooses to make their opening move in the middle square by moving into the middlebox. Put the second X in the space diagonally across from the tile you just moved as a response. If your opponent chooses a cell in the opposite corner, the position will then change to X-O-X.
Wins when the competition does not closely follow.

If your opponent moves somewhere other than the center, you will win without a doubt. In response, position your second X in a corner and leave a blank cell close to your first X.

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