Do you love numbers and are you confident in your observational abilities? 2048 is the game for you. 2048 is a fun brain game where players are challenged to match two tiles of the same value to form a tile with a doubled value. Manipulate the numbers vertically or horizontally to make larger numbers. Your ultimate goal in this game is to form the number 2048.


Besides the common goal of reaching 2048, players can conquer this game completely and master it by minimizing the number of moves. That is, you complete the game with as few moves as possible.


Being launched among many other hot games with simple but attractive gameplay, the 2048 game is rated as an addictive game loved by many people around the world. 


Although this is a game of numbers, you are not required to be good at math or love numbers to win.


How to play 2048


If you are already familiar with this game, save this page to play 2048 online for free anytime. If not, follow the instructions below to learn how to play this exciting game. 

At the start of the game, you will be given a 4x4 grid of tiles, with some tiles numbered by the numbers 2 or 4. 

  • You can use the arrow keys to control or use W A S D for alternatives. 
  • Tiles will slide according to your control, and the tiles with equal values will merge if they collide. 

A particular strategy can help you win the game faster, but sometimes your luck plays a part. 

The game will automatically save after each of your moves. You can completely stop and resume the game afterwards. 

You can start from scratch if you are not satisfied with your moves. 

The game will end as soon as you can't move anymore, namely when there are no 2 single tiles that can merge both vertically and horizontally.


Tips and Tricks for 2048


Read on for tips and tricks for 2048 below to help you win the game easier. 

Play slowly

As with any mind game, playing slowly will help you be more certain in your moves. The same goes for 2048. Taking it slow gives you time to watch and know which moves are best and helps you merge as many tiles as possible. There is no penalty for spending more time in the game. Also, if you can predict the position of new tiles ahead of time, that's a big plus for you.


Direct the tiles to a specified corner

As mentioned above, it will be easier for you to win if you have a specific strategy. In the experience of 2048 players, it is better to gather the tiles to a certain corner. Directing them to a specific corner helps you prevent tiles with high values from sliding out of place. Packing tiles around it gets you 1024 soon. At that time, winning in 2048 is within reach.


Keep the highest valued tiles at the right bottom corner

It would be a big advantage if you could keep the highest-value tile in the bottom right (or left) corner. How to keep it? Once you have brought the tile with the highest value to the bottom right corner, you have to fill the bottom row and make sure it is always full. When the bottom row is full, pressing the left or right arrow will not cause the highest-valued tile to slide out of place. To fill the bottom row, press the down arrow when new tiles appear.


2048 is an easy-to-play game, but it gives you a sense of conquest when reaching the last number. You can also set your own record by completing the game with the fewest moves.

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