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ZigZag Snow Mountain

Skiing and freeskiing have never seemed so real as in ZigZag Snow Mountain, thanks to the game's extensive customization options and freeform system. There is a wide range of freeskiing covered by the various Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Big-Air, Jibbing (Rails, Boxes), and Backcountry competition venues.

The game's innovative steering technology is surprisingly easy to pick up and use, with helpful in-game tutorials and basic controls for newcomers and more complex options (2x taps, swipes, etc.) and bonuses (Grab-Trick-Packages) for veterans. In a nutshell, the goal of the game is to enhance your skiing abilities and break world records set by other players. Go ahead and give it a shot!!


- „Real Resort"- The best freeskiing simulation ever made, featuring halfpipe, slopestyle, park, slopes, and backcountry. LAAX, Switzerland, Grade 
– There are 38 available slots across 5 distinct tiers. 
– Four gender-swappable male and female protagonists 
Different types of Skis to choose from Training, Competition, and Challenge modes 
Conquer the Highest Global Scores 
Support for Tilt-Controls or a digital Joystick: Record- and Playback-Funktionen

Ollie, Revert, Powerslide, and Powerturn for the Slope. Noseslide, tailslide, nosepress, slide, 50/50 Tricks/Grabs: In order: Mute L/R, Octo L/R, Japan L/R, Safety L/R, Nosegrab L/R, Tailgrab L/R, Double-Hand Nosegrab, Double-Hand Tailgrab, Little Shifty, Little Brother Shifty. The following are examples of spins: front and back axels, front and back lariats, rodeos, misty flips, and corked spins. OPTIMIZED The game's visuals have been fine-tuned for modern, high-powered devices. 

Your device's capabilities and the quality of the visuals may be different. Each level in the game can be unlocked indefinitely with an In-App-Payment. 
There is an in-game „Grab-Package" that can be purchased for extra „Trick-Buttons" and „Grab-Tricks."