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XMas Mahjong

Connecting matching Christmas icons in XMas Mahjong requires the player to think on their feet and use lines with no more than two right angles. Do not stop until you have removed every tile.

How to play XMas Mahjong

The objective of this game of mahjong is to connect the matching pairings. The objective is to connect the matching pairings. When a player creates a pair of tiles, the tiles will disappear, creating space for more tiles to be connected.
The problem is that you can't just match tiles of the same color together. Make sure there's enough room between the tiles to create a line with no more than three straight segments if you want to join them. (A line that does not veer off course by greater than an angle.) You can join and delete tiles that are adjacent to each other, but the line can't pass through any other tiles.
Tips for XMas Mahjong!
New difficulties will appear as you go through the levels. It will get increasingly difficult to distinguish between the various Christmas bells, candy canes, baubles, candles, and snowflakes, as well as to find their matching pairs, as the tile collection expands to incorporate more and more tile patterns.
To take a break, press the PAUSE button