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Water Sort

Water Sort is a simple, entertaining, and addictive sorting game. The next step is to align all of the different colors of water in the cup so that they are identical. The game is easy to learn and offers a relaxing yet challenging method to challenge your brain.

So that each cup has the same color, pour the various colored glasses of water into the beaker. This game, which is easy to learn but extremely difficult to master, has 200 puzzle levels to test you.

Tap any glass container to release water into another glass bottle. According to the rule, a glass bottle can only be filled with water if the colors are connected and there is space on the glass bottle. Make every effort to avoid becoming stuck. Never fear; you can always start over.


Try to spread the colored water over the cup evenly so that it is all the same color. A challenging yet enjoyable brain-training game! 

Simple control with one finger You can play the Water Sort Puzzle at your own pace!


  • One-finger operation.
  • A number of special levels
  • Playing is simple and free.
  • There are no time or penalty limits, so you can play the Water Sort Puzzle at your own leisure!