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Sorting numbers is a component of the combination puzzle game Sudoku, which uses logic.

The game's exceedingly simple rules simply call for players to fill in the numbers from 1 to 9 in the appropriate spaces while following the stated restrictions. A little square in the grid is proportionally assigned to a row, a column, and a 3x3 block. As a result, a digit must satisfy all three criteria in order to fill in the empty space: it must be the only digit in the row, column, and block.

How to play

Has a 9x9 grid, where little squares combine to generate larger squares. Nine small squares combine to form a 3x3 square, and so on, until nine squares remain, which combine to form the enormous square.
Each flat row must have all nine digits (from 1 to 9); the numbers do not have to be in the correct order.
Each column of a vertical row must have nine digits.
There are nine 3x3 square blocks overall, and each block must have nine different digits.


  1. To begin with, divide the 9x9 puzzle grid into three pieces that represent 3x3 square blocks, each portion having three columns (rows). Take each digit in turn; for example, if digit 3 appears in 2 of the 3 rows (columns) of the chosen portion, it will surely be in the empty cell of the last row and column.
  2. Search for cells with the same skill and make notes of them.
    Note any feasible solutions for each square (principle 1) that may be pertinent. After that, draw conclusions based on logic to give the correct answer. Just remember that these are the only options, so don't rush to fill in the blanks. When attempting to solve the puzzle, you won't know where to begin because the squares will turn into a "mess" if you do that.