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Red Ball Bounce

In the action-packed adventure games of the Red Ball Bounce series, you must jump and run to save your love. Evil minions have the goal of forcing the globe to conform to a square shape.

Now the heroic red bounce ball has arrived to save the day. You must use rolling and jumping to make your way through a dangerous factory while fending off adversaries and staying out of the range of deadly laser beams.

Do you have what it takes to stop the globe from becoming a square before it's too late? By pressing the arrow keys, you can guide the red bounce ball toward his goal, and you should also make it a point to destroy all of the stars that appear along the road. Beware of the nefarious characters! It's a good idea to jump on them. The opposite of this is being struck by a corner.

Move the red rollerball through the mechanical wasteland by rolling, jumping, and bouncing it. Your objective is to eliminate all of the hostile squares while accumulating as many stars as possible. There are some areas that have dangerous traffic.