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Pop It! Duel

That's It! If you feel that the challenge presented by Duel isn't enough, then you've found the appropriate game for you! Duel Pop It! Duel! Duel completely reimagines the Pop-It-Gameplay-Experience by introducing a fast-paced, one-on-one multiplayer option.

The Guidelines for how to play are easy to understand: Compete against an adversary in a game with the „best of 3“ format.

During this round, the winner is determined by the person, who can pop their Pop-It the quickest. If you beat your opponent in seven consecutive rounds, you get to take one of their Pop-It-Cards and add it to your collection.

However, take care! Be cautious and demonstrate your Pop-It-Popping-Talents, as your Opponent won't think twice about taking your Pop-It if they get the chance.