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Grimace Penalty

Playing Grimace Penalty, a thrilling and difficult soccer game, will test your aiming skills. Scoring a penalty goal while evading Grimace is your objective. Quick thinking and deft reactions are necessities in this high-stakes game. When you fail to score three goals, the game terminates, and the lively Grimace won't let you rest.\

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The Game's Rules

Time your shots perfectly to avoid the Grimace Penalty. Finding the ideal spot in the goal requires thinking about where the moving Grimace is. Your success will be directly proportional to the speed and precision with which you react. You only get three chances, so make the most of each one!

Automatic Reminders

It takes time and effort to become an expert at the Grimace Penalty. By keeping a careful eye on Grimace, you can find out where to take a safe shot. Altering the course of your shot is yet another strategy to increase your chances of scoring.


Quickly finishing rounds causes everything to happen at a rapid rate.
Because of his deft movement, the Grimace is a formidable opponent for goalkeepers.
One needs to be exceptionally precise and well-prepared to score goals.
With three failed goals and the suspense building with each try, the game ends with enormous stakes.