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You have to aid the dinosaur T-Rex in getting across a sizable desert in the famed and legendary 2D arcade game Dinosaur Game. Join now, and have fun! 

Anyone who has ever used Google Chrome as their web browser may have experienced this problem. If your computer is not connected to the internet, a tiny gray dinosaur will appear on your device's screen. The dinosaur will start to run after pressing the spacebar; at this point, it will run into the first obstacle, a cactus. 


The tyrannosaurus that appears in the game is called Lonely T-Rex. You must assist him in jumping over the pterodactyl and cacti in order to complete the level. 

Pteranodons, or pterodactyls, and cacti provide the most difficulties. The difficulties the dinosaur must overcome are as follows: 

The dinosaur game's appeal is boosted by the fact that it is compatible with all platforms. Although it's simple to play the dinosaur game, it might be difficult to keep a good score. It also has all the thrilling features you would expect from a fun game.


One of the best ways for dinosaurs to get over obstacles is by leaping forward. This will enable the dinosaur to jump over it rather than have to wait for the cacti to rush in. 

The dinosaur can jump or jump over terrestrial animals, but it must stoop to keep from soaring over its head. Crouching allows dinosaurs to effectively avoid flying reptiles.

Think of the dinosaur as still living but with changing surroundings and barriers. You can play the game and have more control over it because of this.

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