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Daily Wordle (NYT)

In order to win the hidden word game Daily Wordle, you only have six chances to correctly identify a five-letter word (NYT). After each estimate, you will be provided with a color suggestion that indicates how close you predicted the target phrase.

Everyone focuses their attention on a single clue in order to solve the daily crossword puzzle, which only has one possible solution.
The goal of the game is to figure out a five-letter word without using more than six guesses.

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How to play

To begin, type any valid 5-letter word into the box using either the keyboard or mouse or the virtual keyboard on the screen. Afterward, tap Enter. After each guess, you will be provided with a hint that will tell you how close you are to the target word.

If the tile's color changes from red to green, that means the letter is already in the target word and is in the right place.

If the tile's color shifts to yellow, it indicates that the letter is present in the secret word but is not in the correct position.

Also, if the target word doesn't have a certain letter at all, the color of the tile will change to a grayish color. Consider using a different word that does not contain that letter.

After a few tries, you will be able to try to decipher the secret word, and you will be able to win the game if you know a few letters that are in the correct spot (green), as well as a few letters that are yellow.