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2048 Magical Number

2048 Magical Number Game is the most engrossing and FREE number puzzle tower game. Play it anywhere and at any time to educate your brain and improve your brain acuity! Get new blocks with higher numbers, such as 32, 64, 127, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, and more, as in the classic 2048 or x2 games.

In 2048 Magical Number, multicolored enchanted tiles will respond to your manipulation. Introducing a new conundrum in the popular 2048 series. It is found on the combination of zwei adjacent tiles with the same value. In this game, a connection can be made with not only zwei, but also drei Tiles. They feed from the bottom and the direction of connections can be adjusted. In order to create inventive combinations in 2048 Magical Number, you must simultaneously guarantee that at least half of the playing field remains unoccupied.