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Mini Golf Saga

Set against the backdrop of a lovely beach, Mini Golf Saga is a gripping 3D mini-golf game. It features a variety of golf levels, each of which requires precision in order to achieve the lowest hit count possible for a high score.

The Mini Golf Saga has the potential to take you on an immersive golf experience. Because each level has a limited number of hits, you should carefully plan your shots and, if necessary, watch a video advertisement that will reward you in order to replenish your chances and continue the story of sun-soaked golfing pleasure.

Instructions on how to play

Be sure to calculate the force, momentum, and correct direction in order to get the ball in the shortest amount of strokes possible! Experience 3D graphics that are both simple and colorful, devise methods that will allow you to win, and do everything in your power to achieve the highest possible score. 

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