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Sort Parking

Sort Parking is an amazing and completely addictive online game. The object of this game is to arrange and park different types of cars in designated spots.

How to play

Parking in a full parking lot is not an option, so plan ahead! All parking spaces must be filled and no vehicle must be left without its assigned space. If you want to make things even more interesting, you can unlock more car models in the game. Earn coins as you progress through levels and unlock other cars to bring more variety and fun to your parking experience. You will receive background pieces as a reward for completing multiple levels. You can slowly tweak the background and change its look by expertly mixing identical parts. Customize the game to your liking by swapping backgrounds!

Do you want to challenge your parking talent right now? Participate in the parking arrangement activity and earn money as you arrange cars with breathtaking views. Get into the action right away and discover a whole new way of having fun!

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