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Players are presented with a straightforward yet difficult task in Shishagon, an intriguing puzzle game. Your objective is to reduce every number on the crammed hexagonal board to zero. Although it may seem simple, playing this game strategically guarantees an addictive and brain-stimulating experience, making it ideal for individuals looking to exercise their minds.

Instructions on how to play

To play this game, carefully maneuver the hexagons so that the adjacent hexagons add up the numbers on each side. To decrease the value of a hexagon by one and add one to the hexagons that are adjacent to it, simply click on the hexagon. Your ability to think ahead and tactically plan your moves, as well as your ability to progress in the game, are both essential.

Notes and suggestions

Prepare yourself in advance! Before you make a move, you should think about how it will affect the hexagons that are nearby. It is better to begin from the sides or corners rather than the middle. Remember that it may be simpler to increase specific numbers before decreasing them again in order to achieve your goal of zeroes. This is the final point to keep in mind.

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