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Romantic Match Tactics

Romantic Match Tactics extends your invitation to enter a delightful world. Take part in an enthralling puzzle adventure as you master the key to success, which is a delicate balance between moving stuff about and releasing items that are locked. Clearing the grid in a strategic manner, saving moves, and mastering this key will allow you to achieve success. As you make your way through the game's 48 stages, each one presents you with a new set of tasks to overcome until you reach the end.

Instructions on how to play

Using your mouse or touch input, enjoy a smooth gaming experience. To move items around, use a tap or click to move items about, and then align three identical pieces that are identical to create a trio. To unlock locked items, create three sets of magical keys in order to unlock items that are locked. To circumvent the blocked tiles that are denoted with crossed cupid arro, you must maneuver strategically.


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