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Raft Liffe

Your boat capsized, and it is the last thing you remember happening... To your surprise, you find yourself drifting on a small raft in the middle of the ocean. You no longer enjoy the luxuries of city life, such as cars, apartments, and parties. Now that you are at sea, you have to reconstruct your life. Are you an individual who possesses the courage to endure and establish a new life in Raft Liffe?

How to play the game

Construct your very own uninhabited island on a raft and demonstrate your incredible talents in both survival and crafting! For you to be able to survive on the raft, you have a lot of work to do. In addition to catching fish, cutting down trees, and building new pieces for your raft, you should also try planting and cultivating fruits and vegetables. Additionally, be on the lookout for shark attacks that will consume and assault your raft!

However, you shouldn't be concerned because you will make new animal pals who will assist you in surviving and building our new raft! Additionally, keep an eye out for flying seagulls, since they may deliver you bonus presents that may assist you in surviving.
Therefore, get ready to test your talents and see if you can survive in Raft Life. Do you have any idea where your new adventure in the seas will take you?

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