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Noob: Zombie Prison Escape

Immerse yourself in the pixelated universe of "Noob: Zombie Prison Escape" a thrilling platformer that celebrates the unique style of Minecraft. What is your main goal? Join Noob in his daring escape from a prison infested with the living dead. As you employ parkour moves to navigate complex platforms, you'll find keys, collect coins, solve riddles, and avoid traps. Stay alert at all times, for zombies can appear anywhere. There are a number of things you can do with torches, such as using your reliable crossbow, that will help you see in the dark and ward off enemies. The difficulties and surprises that this 10-level masterpiece offers will enthral fans of the Noob series and those who enjoy games inspired by Minecraft.

Important Qualities:

The visual style is influenced by Minecraft.
Exciting platforming parkour obstacles.
A mix of fighting, avoiding traps, and puzzles.
Use crossbows and other weapons to ward off zombies.
Meet lovable characters from the world of Noob.
Immerse yourself in 10 unique levels packed with exciting experiences.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Control: Click and drag
Press and hold the left mouse button to rotate the camera.
Punch/Attack: Left mouse button
Gather Information: E
Spacebar to jump.
Keys 1, 2, and 3 for weapon selection
Hit the Esc key to pause.
Go on an exciting adventure full of puzzles and zombies. Assist Noob in escaping, will you?

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