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Merge Archer Defense

Will you stand up for your king? You should visit Merge Archer Defense. Get in on the bow-and-arrow battle by shooting your arrows! Construct the most formidable stickman archery squad to protect the castle by combining archers. Be the best stickman archer ever and conquer the bow-and-arrow war in this thrilling game!

Gameplay Instructions

Conquer the enemy stronghold and win the game in this 3D archery turn-based game! To avoid losing this bow-and-arrow battle, make good use of each round and aim carefully.

Access a tower that can support archers. To improve your stickman archers, merge two of them. You can speed up your victory over foes by recruiting more powerful archer heroes.

It is time to start the arrow festival! Win the archery match by using a variety of weaponry, including bows and cannons. Even when faced with an overwhelming number of enemies, your smart thinking will help you defeat their stick archers in this top-tier bow-and-arrow game!

Are you still hesitating? Collaborate with bow masters, rally your archers, and conquer enemy strongholds! Master fusion to your fullest potential and wipe out an entire army of archers with a single blow.

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