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Gun Fest

Gun Fest is not just a game; it is an experience developed with a lot of passion and knowledge. Try your hand at this game right now, and become the best shooter there is!

Plunge yourself headfirst into a realm that is replete with breathtaking sights, a diverse assortment of weaponry, and furious confrontations. The realistic sound effects, sophisticated gaming settings, and unique gameplay mechanics that are incorporated in Gun Fest will fascinate you as you progress through your journey. Gun Fest allows you to experience all of these things. Choose the one that grabs your attention the most from among a vast cast of characters; each of them has their own set of skills that are completely unique to them. You can choose to compete in intense multiplayer matches against people from all over the world, or you can compete in challenging solo missions to hone your shooting skills and win incredible prizes. Both options are available to you.

How to participate in the GUN FEST

To move your character, you can either use the joystick or the WASD keys. To aim, use the mouse or the crosshair that appears on the screen to aim, and then click to fire. 

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