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Fit Cats

While you are stacking the cats, make sure you are not filling the box to the brim in Fit Cats! However, there is only a limited amount of space in the box, and all of these brightly colored cats want to go inside! In order to produce larger cats, you should remove the cats from the top and combine those that are identical.

How to play

Cats always find a cardboard box more comfortable than a real bed, and this rule applies to the colorful felines featured in this game. Your goal is straightforward and easy to understand. For a high score, you need to pack as many cats as possible into the box. It is possible to drop the cats into the box from the top of the screen when you begin the game by clicking on the screen. You can see the next cat you will drop in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You are also able to verify the sequence in which cats undergo their transformations. As an illustration, if you bring two small pink cats together, they will transform into a turquoise one, and so on. In addition, keep an eye out for mice! Click on those mischievous creatures as soon as you come across them. You will be able to remove a cat from the cluster without incurring any costs! You can track your score from the upper left corner of the screen. Because there is no time limit or move limit, you are free to play at whichever speed you find most enjoyable. However, the game will be over if you let the box become completely full and even allow a single cat to tumble out of it. Restart, and make an effort to improve next time! Have fun!

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