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Dusty Maze Hunter

Players of the puzzle game Dusty Maze Hunter guide a little square character called Dusty through increasingly complex mazes. You have to make it through each maze, collecting dust pellets, without getting caught by the monsters who live there.

Gameplay Instructions

The player controls Dusty from a top-down view and can direct his movement by tapping or clicking the screen. The player must find their way through labyrinths replete with walls, doors, and traps in order to gather all of the dust pellets.
Dusty will lose his life whenever one of the moving monsters in the game touches him. The player's life bar is finite, and the game ends when it is empty.
The mazes in Dusty Maze Hunter start out easy and get progressively harder as you go through the game. The monsters and mazes in later levels are more challenging to navigate.
Any player, regardless of age, will find Dusty Maze Hunter to be an engrossing and straightforward game. The game offers hours of intense gaming and is easy to learn yet difficult to master.

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