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Apple Worm

For those of you who enjoy solving instructional problems on a smaller scale, this game is an excellent choice. Gather apples and improve your logic skills by working through challenging puzzles in this Apple Worm game.

How to play:

In this adorable brainteaser game featuring crawling mechanics, your objective is to assist the gluttonous apple snake in gathering apples and escaping the level. The objective of this game is to find the valuable apples by navigating through the maze. However, you must exercise caution since the puzzles in this game are not as straightforward as they appear to be and are full of clever traps. Obtaining an apple, avoiding all of the threats, and reaching the portal all require you to accurately calculate your motions in order to become successful.

The contents of the pack include a greedy apple snake. The complete version of the game is available for free. I have a lot of intriguing levels, the controls are simple, and the music is funny.

Develop your ability to think logically, plan ahead, and use your creativity to find solutions at every level. This game is simple to pick up and offers a great deal of entertainment. Apple and Snake are waiting for you to put your intelligence to the test!

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