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Toca Life Adventure

In Toca Life Adventure, you will embark on a journey through recognizable locales such as the City, a vacation spot, an Office, and even the Hospital, so get ready for an exciting new experience.

During this nonstop race toward the finish line, you are tasked with assisting this lovable character in accomplishing his objectives while evading many hazards and adversaries, like spikes, flying bees, normal boxes, and others. You are required to leap, but you should be aware that the top may include spikes. While doing so, you will need to gather peas in order to improve your score and unlock further characters in the Toca Life Adventure game.

Any story can be finished off with a Toca Life adventure. You'll be able to experience all of the excitement of your other favorite levels in a convenient location, including City, Vacation, Office, and Hospital, among many more. The more ball you collect, the higher your score will be and the more characters you will unlock.