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Hippo Grocery

Jack Ma, the charming hippo in Hippo Grocery, dreams of one day owning his very own grocery. However, in order to realize his ambition, Jack Ma requires your assistance. As you join this thrilling and fascinating game, you'll be tasked with assisting him in reaching his objectives through the successful management of the store.

How to play

In Hippo Supermarket, you level up your products by combining like commodities. You can earn money by selling the merged and leveled things you've acquired. You can put more money into Jack Ma's supermarket to make it bigger and better the more you save up.

Maximizing revenues and running your supermarket efficiently will put your strategic talents to the test. Playing through the game's many stages, each with its own set of possibilities and challenges, is both entertaining and difficult.

In the Hippo store, you may enjoy both the rush of creating new things and the fulfillment of seeing your store thrive as you merge and upgrade them. Gain access to more features, improve your store, and attract more customers to boost your income as you go through the game. Players of all ages will love the game because of the charming and endearing Jack Ma character. You are entrusted with the duty of helping him achieve his dream of running a prosperous store.

Construct and run your very own supermarket, merge things, earn money, and make Jack Ma's wildest fantasies come true in this engrossing environment.

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