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Fireblob Winter

Little Fire needs your assistance in locating the woodpile in Fireblob Winter. To get to the pile of firewood, you will need to overcome barriers, travel over pedestals, and traverse blocks of ice or snow.

In the midst of this snowy winter, our small fire is on the verge of going out. The small fire will fail to sustain life if there is no conductor to keep it going, and it will eventually go out. Wood is a substance that is capable of conducting fire and maintaining fire for the longest period of time. By whatever means. In order to keep his life, Little Fire needs to overcome the difficulties that stand in his way.
Conquer challenges such as pedestals, blocks of ice or snow, and other impediments. Please use the arrow keys to move the small fire and go to the pile of firewood as quickly as possible in order to save his life. If you lose your balance and fall off the screen, you will have to begin over.

Playthroughs of the Fireblob Winter game

There are a total of 81 levels in the game. You will need to have perseverance and wisdom in order to get the little fire to the pile of firewood as rapidly as possible. The levels will become more difficult as you progress through them, and the barriers will also become more tough as you progress through them.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to provide yourself with a challenge in the speedrun section. Not only is this game an entirely original rendition, but it also features crucial timing. Among the players who have the slowest execution speed in this game, you are on the list of those who have the fastest decisive speed. You also have the opportunity to test your limits in this part.


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