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Don't Tap

In the rhythm game known as "Don't Tap" players are tasked with the simple task of attempting to tap on the black squares while avoiding the white tiles. If they tap on any of the white tiles, the game will end.

Instructions on how to play

The fundamentals of the game are straightforward: the tiles will move across the screen, and the objective of the players is to touch all of the black tiles without hitting a single white tile (the majority of the tiles are white). In the event that you tap a white tile, the game will be terminated immediately.

The gameplay of Don't Tap is quite straightforward, but the game features a variety of various game modes that bring about a slight shift in the game's overall aesthetic. All of these game modes, on the other hand, will always have the same objective for the player, and the only things that will change are the specifics that are mostly associated with the ultimate score.

Don't Tap is a game that is easy to play but is really pleasant and addictive. Play right now.

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