Bubble Shooter

Match three colors in the age-old and addictive Bubble Shooter game to level up. Don't miss playing this exciting game! In the classic version, you have to drop and pop each bubble in addition to aiming and shooting.

With this unique puzzle, you can pop the ball whenever you want, whether online or offline.

It is the most popular and addictive ball-shooting game. Pop as many bubbles as you can while resolving enjoyable, colorful puzzles and overcoming obstacles to advance levels and earn money.

You have to aim in this game, releasing and popping each colorful bubble. With this unique puzzle, you can pop the ball whenever you want.


You must pop and destroy each ball in order to advance to the next breathtaking level. Play and enjoy a variety of challenging puzzles, and be sure to accomplish the objectives, clear the board, and collect money for each level. The ideal sport to play when you want to unwind and relax is this shooting game.


In this soothing matching game, you must hit every ball with precision while matching and matching colors. This amazing shooter is simple to use and carry, making it ideal for family activities! For long road trips with family and friends, this puzzle is perfect!


  • Fill the flame after popping 7 balloons in a row.
  • To make explosions, pop more than ten bubbles at once.
  • New components, special offers, and fantastic prizes

Completely new audio effects

Every day, treat yourself to a prize.

To invite your friends to the fun, log into Facebook.

Leaderboards and challenging tasks

  • Overcome challenges and obstacles to achieve your goal.
  • A color-blind option that makes free matching games accessible to everyone.

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